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4 Steps to a Healthy Lawn

Step 1 Dethatch

Step 1 – Dethatch

Over time decomposed stems, roots and other organic matter build up between the grass and the soil surface. Some thatch is good but too much can act as an impervious layer which can cause some of the following problems:
  • Block water, nutrients and disease controlling insects from reaching the soil.
  • Block sunlight from reaching lower grass blades.
  • Holding moisture against the grass which can promote disease.
  • Cause roots to grow into thatch causing a shallow-rooted lawn
  • Create an uneven lawn.

Dethatcher Rentals starting from $40 Daily Delivery available.

Step 2 Roll

Step 2 – Roll

Over time lawns become uneven from moles, animals and use. We have a few options to help you smooth things out!

Roller rentals starting from only $18 Daily Delivery available.

Step 3 Aerate

Step 1 – Aerate

Aerating lawn involves perforating the lawn with small holes to allow air, water, and nutrients a means to permiate to the roots. This helps the roots grow deeper and stronger which in turn makes the lawn thicker, more resilient and greener!

Aerator rentals starting from only $30 for 4-hours Delivery available.

Step 4 Overseed

Step 1 – Overseed

The last and final step is to over seed. It’s a great way to fill bare spots, thicken the lawn and introduce different varieties to make it a heartier lawn. This is a great time to fix up those burn spots from your animals. Just put a bit of dirt on the bare spot and over seed!

Overseeder rentals starting from only $40 for 2-hours Delivery available.

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