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Inspection and Care of a Hard Hat

What should I know about head protection? If you are at risk for head injury at your workplace, you should wear the appropriate head protection. If head protection is required, establish a complete safety protection program including selection, fit testing, training, maintenance and inspection. Choose the correct headwear for the job. Refer to CSA Standard […]

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Mythbusting in the Forklift World

We thought we’d share this IVES Training Group article as we are frequently asked about certifications and forklifts. We hope you find it as useful as we did. Myth-busting in the Forklift World. Despite the amount of reference information available regarding the safe use of forklifts in the US and Canada, or perhaps because of […]

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Person cleaning carpet

Rent the VersaClean Deep Cleaning and Flood Extraction System

Perfect for contractors and cleaners plus ‘prosumer’ DIY customers who want pro-level results! The VersaClean professional portable cleaning and flood extraction system is now available as an easy-to-use package. This system delivers deep, pro-grade cleaning results that far surpass those of consumer or grocery store rental machines. The unit features clear, simple on-unit instructions for […]

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Rent A Wood Splitter and Get More Done

How much wood could a woodchuck split if a woodchuck could split wood? According to a Cornell University study, although a woodchuck is not adept at moving timber, it is estimated that a woodchuck could chuck about 700 pounds – if wood filled the hole instead of dirt (Source).  Now, if it smart and rented […]

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Rent Fan Airmovers for Construction Drying, Ventilation and More!

  The built-tough Dri-Eaz Stealth AV3000 is ideal for construction and remodeling jobs to ventilate dust or fumes and dry structural wood, paint or texture coatings, grout and adhesives, and more. Quick-adjust positioning for extreme versatility. Offers quiet operation, high velocity airflow and USA-made quality. The Stealth produces high velocity, long-throw airflow to ventilate smoke, […]

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