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Credit Application

Whether you need short or long-term reliable rental equipment, or quality parts and supplies from our knowledgeable service staff, Rentshop will keep you and your equipment on the job.  For easier ordering and faster transactions, why not open a credit account with us.

Not currently a Credit Customer? It’s easy to sign up today. Simply download, print, then fax or mail (email applications will not be accepted) the credit application to the contact listed at the top of the form. It’s that easy.

The approval process usually takes up to 7-10 business days due, in part, to our need to contact references as part of the process. Please ensure you have completed the application in its entirety. An incomplete application may result in your request for credit being denied.

You will be notified immediately following the completion of the credit review process and the credit on your new account will be available immediately.

pdf Credit Application Form

Say goodbye to paper receipts to cut the clutter

Today is a fine time to remove the clutter from your office and get organized for the coming months. Go Paperless. Register for E-invoicing today! Paperless is now. If your office still flutters when the fan blows your way, you should be making the move to paperless today!


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