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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find all the answers to the questions that are asked everyday. Feel free to call or email if you have any other questions. We are always happy to help!

What kind of additional services do you offer?

Some additional services we provide include:

  • Repair services on small and medium equipment.
  • Tune up specials on many different types of equipment such as quick cuts, snowblowers, compactors, and more.
  • Transportation of your own equipment requiring a float trailer or roll off truck.
Do you repair equipment?

We perform repair and maintenance services on most equipment, however, some equipment is very difficult to find parts for, or simply not worth the cost so we will not attempt to repair it.

Do you offer tune up specials?

We do offer tune up specials. Some of the most popular are:

  • Snowblowers
  • Husqvarna Construction Equipment
  • Echo Power Equipment
  • Lawn Mowers
  • Chain Saws
What is the turn around time for repairs?

We are usually able to provide a quick turn around on most repairs. Times can vary depending on availability of parts and the seasonal workload in our shop. It can range from 2-3 work days up to 2 weeks.

How much does delivery and pick up cost?

Delivery and pick up charges vary depending on the item and the distance traveled. We generally stay within a 30-40 km radius of our location.

Here is a DELIVERY CHART showing how the rates are determined.

What time do you deliver?

We can deliver anytime during our open hours. We will try to provide delivery as close as possible to your requested time. If you require something outside these hours, contact us and we may be able to work something out.

How far do you deliver?

We typically deliver within a 40 km radius from our store. If you are outside this radius, call us and we may be able to offer a special rate.

Do I have to come into the store to set up a delivery?

We can set up a delivery over the phone but we will require a credit card number. If you are a first time customer, the credit card number and matching driver’s licence will also have to be verified on site.

If you are located out-of-town and have a crew on site, you may be asked to fill out a credit card authorization form or send a photo proof of identification by email or fax.

Do I have to call you when I’m finished?

We ALWAYS require a phone call before we send a truck to pick up rented equipment.  This ensures that you will actually be finished using the equipment when our truck arrives. We also stop your rental period as soon as you call, even if we are unable to pick it up until the next day.

Do I get charged extra if I am done with the equipment but you are unable to pick up until the next day?

No. We always off-rent equipment when you call for a pick up. However, there are some circumstances that may warrant extra charges. For example, heavy equipment has an hour meter that will tell us how long the equipment has run for. If the run time exceeds 8 hours per day, you may be required to pay a pro-rated amount.

Do I get charged extra if multiple items are delivered at the same time?

This depends on the number of items required and the combined weight. Call us for further information on this subject.

Do I get charged a delivery fee if I get something delivered at the same time something else is picked up?

We typically only charge for the trip that is being made however if one item requires a larger truck, you will be charged the higher rate. There will never be two separate charges.

How do your rates compare to other rental companies?

Some companies will contract out their transportation resulting in very high fees. We do all of our own deliveries and pick ups so our rates are very competitive and typically lower than anybody else for local service.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Cash, Debit, Email Money Transfers, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Company Cheque. We do not accept personal cheques.

What happens if something breaks down?

There is always the possibility of equipment breaking down. We do our best to ensure this doesn’t happen by performing a detailed check of the equipment after each rental.

We have in-house mechanics that can perform repairs quickly if required. Depending upon the item, an on-site service call can be arranged.  We also carry multiples of most items so you can easily swap out equipment either by bringing it back to our store, or by us sending a truck to your site.

Will you show me how the equipment works?

We will always demonstrate or explain how to safely operate the equipment before you leave the store. Not only does it make you feel more comfortable with it, it also helps to ensure proper working conditions.

Do I have to pay for the equipment if it is raining and I can’t use it?

If there is a reason why you can’t use the equipment such as rain, call us and we can make the necessary arrangements.

If you have a long term rental, we can make note of it but it may not make a difference in the price. Long term rentals include multiple free days within the time period in order to account for situations like rain or unforeseen delays.

Is there a special rate over the weekend or a holiday?

There is a special rate for every weekend. The weekend charge is the daily rate + 4 hour rate from Friday at 3 pm until Monday at 9 am. (Maximum 12 hours operation on metered equipment). Depending on the equipment, we can stretch out the pick up or drop off times.

Long weekends have their own special rate. It is a 2 day charge for a 3 day rental. (Maximum 16 hours operation on metered equipment)

Holidays are typically a 1 day charge from the evening of the night before until the morning of the day after. (Maximum 8 hours operation on metered equipment)

Is a reservation required?

Reservations are recommended, but not required.  You can walk in at any time during the day and rent something. You may just want to call ahead to make sure that it’s available.

What happens if I need to cancel a reservation?

We understand that sometimes things don’t go as planned and you may need to move a reservation to a different day or cancel it all together. We will NOT charge you if this happens.

In some circumstances, we may ask for a non-refundable deposit due to the item being something in high demand for a specific day of the week or weekend. In this case, you will be notified when the reservation is made that there may be charges to your credit card if you cancel.

Are there any additional fees?

Additional fees include:

  • Delivery & Pick up (if required)
  • Damage Waiver (10% of rental charge) – Mandatory for all cash customers. Some equipment is exempt (ladders, scaffold, etc…).
  • Fuel – We charge a flat rate ranging from $1-$6 on small equipment and charge by the litre on larger equipment.
  • Sales Tax – HST
Do I have to buy insurance?

We do not offer insurance. However, we offer an Equipment Protection Plan (Damage Waiver). It covers any accidental damages that may occur during the proper use of the equipment. There are certain items that do not have this charge such as tables and chairs, scaffold, ladders, and fence. It is only mandatory for non-account (cash) customers. If you are an account customer and wish to decline the damage waiver you can sign and send us this Form.

Can I leave a cash deposit?

We will accept cash deposits, however, there are many factors that are considered in order to determine an amount.  Some of these factors include; the value of equipment, customer’s area of residence, past history with our company, references, etc…  Please contact us for more information regarding this topic.

What sort of deposit is required?

Deposits vary on the type of equipment. We do require a valid drivers license and credit card when any item is rented. It doesn’t matter how big or how small. The name on the driver’s licence must also match the credit card. If you are located out of town and wish to have someone pick up on your behalf, we can accept a photo proving your identity via fax or email. (In this situation, we will also require the individual receiving the equipment to provide proper identification.) The credit card must have a minimum of $100 or two times the rental contract amount (including sales items, and/or services) available in credit.

What if I decide to keep my rental equipment longer?

Yes. We always ask that you give us a call if you decide to keep something longer. We take reservations for equipment so if we are expecting something to be returned by a specific time and it doesn’t show up, it may cause issues for other customers.  However, if we are notified, we can make the necessary arrangements to accommodate everyone!

If I rent for a day, what time do I have to pick up?

The daily rate is based on 24 hours so you can pick up at your convenience and return the next day by the same time.

How far in advance can I reserve something?

We arrange reservations as far in advance as you wish.  Equipment is often available the same day, however we do recommend making reservations as soon as you are positive you will require the equipment.

Can I reserve equipment for a specific day?

Absolutely. In fact, we recommend reservations. You can reserve the tool you need for the date and even time you want.

Can I rent by the hour, day, week, month, etc?

We offer the flexibility of all of the above. The most common rates are:

  • Half Day (4 hours)
  • Full Day (24 hours)
  • Weekly (7 days)
  • Monthly (28 days)

We also offer 2 hour rates on some equipment (like lawn and garden rentals) in order to help save you money on equipment that you may need for only a short period of time.  We also offer weekend and overnight specials.

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