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Tips for Renting Equipment

OWN the success. RENT the equipment.

Discover renting when…

  • You want to save the high cost of initial purchase.
  • You want to use professional quality equipment at reasonable price.
  • You need an item quickly and in ‘ready to use’ condition.
  • Eliminating storage and maintenance problems is vital
  • Specialized equipment is necessary and used only occasionally. When renting, you only pay for the short time you have the equipment in your possession.
  • Tax matter. Depreciation takes time. Rented equipment is usually a 100% write off.
  • You want to try an item before buying.
  • Your equipment needs maintenance or breaks down. Even on equipment in regular use, time lost waiting for repairs is costly. A rental replacement tool keeps the work in progress.
  • Bidding or budgeting a job. Rental charges are known in advance. Jobs are easy to bid with such fixed expenses.
  • Obsolescence is costly. Equipment is constantly being improved and developed. Don’t be caught with inefficient and out-dated tools when renting can make new technology available to you.

Tips for renting equipment

  • Call your local rental professionals at Rentshop and describe the project you would like to complete with rented equipment. When our friendly knowledgeable staff know the details of your project, they can recommend exactly the type and size of equipment you will need for most lawn and garden and home improvement or repair projects. They can also help you organize the additional supplies you will need to complete the job correctly. We carry many of the extras you will need, such as sandpaper or carpet detergent for example, to do a professional job.
  • Before you actually visit Rentshop, organize the work area so you can use the equipment right away when you bring it home. For example, if you are shampooing a carpet, remove furniture from the room before you pick up the shampooer. This preparation can save you money because Rentshop charges for the time the equipment is in your possession – not for the time you actually spend using it.
  • When you pick up the equipment, the rental professional will explain how to use it safely and correctly. If you do not understand the instructions or feel uncomfortable about operation the equipment, ask for more information.
  • Make sure you understand Rentshop’s rates, store hours and policy for returns. Depending on the piece of equipment, you may be able to rent by the hour, half day, day, week or month. Generally, hourly rates have a set minimum time that is less expensive than renting for the entire day.
  • Make sure you understand your responsibility for the equipment. Generally, Rentshop is responsible for equipment maintenance and will replace equipment that breaks down during normal use. But when damage occurs because of a customer’s negligence or misuse, he or she is responsible for repair or replacement. For expensive equipment in your possession, construction equipment and skidsteers are examples, you may need to provide on-site security or purchase temporary insurance.
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