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Compaction Equipment Rentals

If you’d like to rent our compaction equipment, please contact us to reserve your item. Here is a list of what we currently have for rent. Hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly rental rates available.

Paver Roller

Paver Roller Compactor Gas 238 lbs – A Roller recommended by leading manufacturers of concrete pavers and polymeric sands which is specifically designed to compact or embed large-sized or surface-coated slabs for hardscapes and landscape jobs.

  • Centrifugal Force: 1,798 lbs
  • Operating Weight: 238 lb
  • Base plate width: 16.5 in.


Jumping Jack Vibratory Rammer 137lbs

Jumping Jack Rammer Gas 11″ – Rammers offer performance, operator’s comfort and ergonomically design for the optimal compaction machine for every construction application.  The rammer can be used under the toughest condition in trench compaction work, back fill, flooring for basement and industrial buildings as well as repair work of roads and around bridge support columns.
  • Operating weight: 137lb
  • Working width: 11 in
  • 3hp Honda Engine
  • Centrifugal force up to 3020lbs
  • Surface capacity: 3120 sqft/hr
  • Max. compaction depth: 21.7 in (depending on ground conditions)

Forward Vibratory Plates

Plate, Compactor Gas 18″  – Used for soil compaction on new developments, repairs and maintenance jobs with large aggregates, cohesive material or moist content. This plate is a hard hitting but user friendly machine in the heavy weight class. Premium operating comfort, compact dimensions and optimum running characteristics.

  • Operating weight: 183 lb
  • Working width: 18 in
  • 5.5hp Honda Engine
  • Centrifugal force up to 3,372 lbs
  • 30% gradeability
  • Max. compaction depth: 7.9 in (depending on ground conditions)


Reversible Vibratory Plates 400lbs – 600lbs

MVH208GH Reversible Plate CompactorPlate, Compactor Reversible Gas 20″ 463lb – The Mikasa MVH208GH are the ideal high-production machines for efficient compaction of sand, gravel and cohesive soils.

  • Centrifugal Force: 8318 lbs
  • Plate Size: 28.3 x 19.7 in
  • Max Forward Speed: 85ft
  • Fuel Consumption /hr: .67gal (2.54L)
  • Operating Weight: 463 lb


Plate, Compactor Reversible Gas 22″ 602 lbs – This heavyweight machine of the mid-sized reversible plates offers easy operation and impressive compaction force.

  • Centrifugal Force: 10,150 lbs
  • Plate Size: 33 x 22 in
  • Operating Weight: 602 lb



Plate, Compactor Reversible Diesel 24″ 913 lbs – Impressive compaction force, including an electric starter and low-vibration handle to ensure maximum operator comfort. Ideal for block pavements or narrow trenches.  **Features Compatrol allowing for uniform compaction across the entire compacted surface. Weak point in soil can be detected and corrected quickly.

  • Centrifugal Force: 12,364 lbs
  • Plate Size: 39 x 24 in
  • Operating Weight: 913 lb


Single Drum Roller Vibratory Soil Compactor

  • Roller, Smooth Drum Vibratory 54″

compaction roller

Roller, Smooth or Pad Foot Vibratory 56″ 5-ton


Tandem Vibratory Asphalt Roller 39″

ammann-tandem-asphalt-rollerThe machine is primarily used for small-scale compaction work, such as pavements, bicycle paths, small roads and small parking areas. The unit is fitted with a robust central lifting eye that allows fast and simple loading for transportation. A folding ROPS helps keep the transport height to a minimum.  The large water tank allows long periods of work between refills and is equipped with self-draining sprinkler tubes and nozzles.

  • Operating weight: 1700kg/1.6 Ton
  • Working width: 39 in
  • 20.4 hp Yanmar Diesel
  • Centrifugal force: 24 kN
  • Travel speed: 0-8 km/h
  • Water tank capacity: 110 liter
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