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Drain Cleaner Rentals

Drain Cleaner rentals – 3ft up to 100ft cable lengths available – Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly Rates – Get specs on our drain cleaner inventory. Contact Us for more information.

100 ft Auto-Feed Drain Cleaner

modelrf_thumbnailThe Model RF Drain Cleaning Machine features a 2-way auto cable feed that advances and retrieves cable with the push of a lever, while a cable guide spring keeps hands off rotating cable for added safety. The Model RF drain and sewer cleaning machine cleans 3” – 6” diameter lines and runs a 3/4” diameter “Tri-Max” inner core cable (the toughest cable in the industry) in 100 ft length. The Model RF utilizes handy quick connect “snap lock” tool fittings. Reinforced open cable cage for quick inspection and cleaning. This rugged and reliable unit is ideal in situations with limited working space.

Operation and Safety Guide


50 ft Manual-Feed Drain Cleaner

modelerental_thumbnailDesigned specifically for the rental industry, the Model E has several unique features such as a steel inner-drum, epoxy coated cage, cord wraps, and a rear bar for motor protection. Unit holds up 50ft of 1/2″ diameter “galvanized aircraft wire” inner core. Cleans 1 1/4″ – 3″ diameter lines.

Operation and Safety Guide



35 ft Auto-Feed Drain Cleaner

modelct_thumbnailThe Model CT features unique variable speed motor control that gives the operator maximum cable control and exceptional cleaning power from 75 to 350 RPM with constant torque. Cleans 3/4″ – 2-1/2″ dia. drain lines up to 35 Ft. The CT is available with a 2-way auto cable feed that keeps hands off rotating cable as it advances and retrieves cable with the push of a lever.

Operation and Safety Guide



25 ft Electric Drain Cleaner

models_thumbnailPowered by a heavy-duty commercial drill, the Model S works well on small, inside drain lines up to 25 Ft. The cable drum is stainless steel and the hand guard is cast aluminum. Utilizes Electric Eel’s 3/8″ diameter cable.

How To




25 ft Manual Drain Cleaner

draincleaner_thumbnailProfessional quality, manual unit holds up to 35 Ft. of 5/16″ diameter “music wire” cable. Ideal for sinks, bathtubs and showers.

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Closet Auger

closetaugerExtra flexible 3 Ft. “music wire” cable works well in all types of toilets.

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Kinetic Water Ram

kineticwaterramHere’s a compact, light weight tool for quickly opening clogged sinks, toilets and tubs. It handles rust, grease, sediment, and scale in lines up through 4″ in diameter. Uses a slug of compressed air which suddenly, swiftly and safely strikes the column of water in a blocked pipe.

Operation and Instruction

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