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Excavator Rentals

If you’d like to rent our excavation equipment, please contact us. Here is a list of what we currently have for rent.  Hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly rental rates.

Call Before You Dig

Call your local one-call utility locating services at least 1 week before digging. Also, contact any utilities that don’t subscribe to one-call. Locations are not exact. Only hand digging is allowed within the hand-dig zone on either side of the locate. Check local regulations for the width of the hand-dig zone.

Bobcat 418 Ultra Mini Excavator


With a retracted track width of less than 29 inches, the ultra-compact Bobcat® 418 ultra compact excavator (mini excavator) accesses jobsites where exhausting hand labor is your only other option. This model navigates through narrower openings and operates in tighter conditions. The Zero Tail Swing offers the greatest flexibility to slew and deposit spoil while offering the most protection against inadvertent contact with surrounding objects.

  • 10.2hp
  • 8″, or 12″ trenching buckets
  • 32″ grading bucket
  • Max. dig depth 6ft
  • Max. dump height 6ft
  • Width 28″ or 43″
  • Max speed: 1.3mph
  • Operating weight: 2593lbs
  • View the Bobcat 418 specs
  • Rent it safely

Bobcat 324 Mini Excavator

Bobcat 324

Reach farther and dig deeper with the 324 compact excavators. Its 8 ft. 6 in. dig depth and 14 ft. reach deliver serious digging possibilities in tight areas, with minimal repositioning. Hydraulically retract the undercarriage to only 39 inches to travel through gates or between homes, and then expand to 54 inches for a wider footprint and greater performance. Equipped with the same hydraulic system as a larger Bobcat excavator, the 324 has impressive cycle times and break-out forces to complete jobs faster.

  • 13.9hp
  • 12″, 16″, or 18″ trenching buckets
  • 39″ grading bucket
  • Max. dig depth 8.5ft
  • Max. dump height 8.7FT
  • Width: 38.6″ or 54″
  • Max speed: 2.5mph
  • Operating weight: 3571lbs (1.5t)
  • Rent it safely

Bobcat E32 Compact Excavator

Bobcat E32

The E32 is a conventional tail swing model in the 3.2t weight class. The E32 is ideal if you frequently work around width restrictions such as doors or gates. Like all M-Series models, the E32 offers top digging performance with advanced hydraulics and top operator comfort.

  • 33.3hp @ 2400rpm
  • 24″ Severe Duty Trenching Bucket (3.41cuft heaped capacity)
  • Optional: 39″ ditching bucket (4.7cuft heaped capacity)
  • Hydraulic Clamp (thumb)
  • Max. dig depth 10’2″
  • Max. dump height 11ft
  • Width: 59.8″
  • Travel speed (low/high) 2.6 – 4.7 km/h
  • Operating weight: 7183lbs (3.2t)
  • Ground pressure: 4.1lbs/in
  • View E32 Specifications
  • Rent It Safely

Bobcat E42 Compact Excavator

Bobcat_E42 Bobcat E42 Excavator

Eliminating the use for a foot pedal control, the E42 offers fingertip control boom swing which makes it effortless to operate. The auto idle reduces noise on the jobsite, while improving fuel efficiency. The conventional tail swing makes it simple moving the machine in its narrow stance through tight spaces such as doors, gates, and onto trailers.

  • 47.2hp @ 2200rpm
  • 24″ Severe Duty X-Change Trenching Bucket (4.98cuft heaped capacity)
  • Optional: 39″ ditching bucket (4.7cuft heaped capacity)
  • Optional: 55″ grading bucket
  • Hydraulic Clamp (thumb)
  • Max. dig depth 11’5″
  • Max. dump height 12.8ft
  • Width: 68.9″
  • Travel speed (low/high) 2.6 – 4.7 km/h
  • Operating weight: 9246lbs (4.2t)
  • Ground pressure: 4.3lbs/in
  • View E42 Specifications
  • Rent It Safely
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