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Tiller Rentals

Tear through clumps and hardened materials. Till and mix the soil with compost materials, fertilizer, manure and mulch to prepare the ground. Our tillage options can quickly turn a backyard plot into a soil bed for gardening. Contact Us for rental information or to make a reservation.

  • Mini Tiller 9″
  • Front Tiller 26″
  • Rear Tiller 18″
  • Hydraulic Tiller Attachment 40″
  • Chain Harrows 4’x4′

Mini Tiller/Cultivator

mantis_mini_tillerMini Tiller Cultivator 9″ – Perfect for removing weeds between rows. Tremendous performance from a compact package. Four, 10-tooth reversible, hardened-steel tines provide smooth tilling action for up to 9″ wide furrows.

  • 21.2 cc professional grade, 2-stroke engine
  • 9″ Tilling Width
  • Weight: 21.6 lbs


Front Tillers

maxim_front_tillerFront Tine Extra Heavy Duty Tiller 26″ – Durable steel-body construction with added reinforcement at stress points for rugged applications. Chain drive transmission enclosed in double-welded case for protection against job site abuse.

  • 5.0hp Engine
  • 26″ Tilling Width
  • Maximum 8″ Tilling Depth
  • Slasher-style tines
  • Weight: 140 lbs

Rear Tillers

Hydraulic Rear Tine Tiller 18 – Our tillers are of professional quality, to be enjoyed by home and commercial gardeners alike. Bust sod, prepare seedbeds, precision cultivate and, when gardening season is over, power compost spent plant material or between-season cover crops directly back into your soil for organically richer soil in the spring.  Add amendments to flower beds with ease. With large wheels in control and proper balance, the tiller avoids “tine walking” and requires little or no downward pressure on the handles. Its compact design makes it easy to turn at the end of the row.

  • 9.0hp Engine
  • 18″ Tilling Width
  • Maximum 8″ Tilling Depth
  • Weight: 460 lbs

Hydraulic Tiller Attachment

Hydraulic_Tiller_attachmentHydraulic Tiller Attachment 40″Mini Track Loader – Prepare the land for planting. Bi-Directional rotation allows for top-cutting and under-cutting when operating in either direction, maximizing attachment versatility and increasing operating capabilities. Quickly turn backyard plots into a soil bed for gardening.

  • 9-18 gpm (34-68L/min)
  • 40″ working Width
  • Maximum 6″ Working Depth
  • Weight: 502lbs

3-Point Hitch Disc Harrow 60″

Disc_5ftDisc Harrow 5 ft – Suitable for crushing and cleaning crop residues on the virgin land and heavy clay soil before tillage and crushing soil clods after tillage. On the cultivated land, it can be used as the plough for the initial cultivation. After disc, the land surface is smooth and the soil clods and crop residues are well crushed. It is easy to be mounted and adjusted.

  • Light duty disc
  • Tubular 2″ x 2″ steel frame
  • Three point hitch: Cat 1
  • Recommended tractor 15-35hp.

Chain Harrows

chain_harrowChain Harrows 4 ft x 4 ft – The most effective, inexpensive tool for:

  • Pasture land management
  • Pesticide or chemical incorporation
  • Soil preparation for seeding
  • None-crop weed removal
  • Aerating the soil
  • Breaking up crusts and clods
  • Root raking
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