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Rent It Safely

Guidelines for Safe Equipment Operation

These tips are intended as a quick reference/reminder to reinforce information provided in the operator’s manual. Thoroughly read and understand the equipment’s operator’s manual before using.

Read Operator’s Manual – Each machine is supplied with an operator’s manual in a designated compartment, or when not equipped we can supply a copy upon request. The operator’s manual contains important safety and operational information. Read it thoroughly before operating your equipment.

Understand Equipment Operation – After reading the operator’s manual, familiarize yourself with all control functions on equipment. Spend enough time to understand how to properly operate the equipment before using.

Wear a Seatbelt – All seated operator machines are equipped with a seatbelt. It is very important that you wear a seatbelt while operating equipment, as all mobile equipment can tip over.

Keep Others at a Safe Distance – While operating equipment, keep bystanders and other workers at a safe distance away from the reach of equipment. Stop the machine if anyone gets too close.

Use Personal Protective Equipment – Always wear appropriate protective equipment such as safety glasses, earplugs, a hard hat, gloves and steel-toe boots.

Use Proper Tie-Downs – When transporting equipment, it is very important to use the proper size, type, and number of tie downs. Larger equipment is often marked with tie-down locations.

Use Equipment Carefully – Before using, look over your equipment. Visually inspect for leaks, loose or missing fittings or hardware. If anything doesn’t look right, do not use equipment until it is corrected.

Understand Alerts on Equipment – Always heed the messages indicated by the alert decals on your equipment. Your first priority is your safety and safety of those around you.

Call Before You Dig – Call your local one-call utility locating services. Also, contact any utilities that don’t subscribe to one-call. Locations are not exact. Only hand digging is allowed within the hand-dig zone on either side of the locate. Check local regulations for the width of the hand-dig zone.

Know the equipment and the worksite before you operate. Always wear proper clothing and use personal protection equipment as required for the job. Remember: safe operation begins with the operator.

It is the employer’s/renter’s responsibility to ensure that all operators they direct and authorize to use equipment are adequately trained, familiarized and made aware of operator responsibilities to comply with current health and safety requirements.

The Operation and Maintenance Manual, Operator’s Handbook, Safety Manual and machine signs (decals) provide proper operation and maintenance instructions. Failure to follow warnings or instructions can cause serious injury or death.

Service and repair work should only be done by qualified service personnel. If there are any failures or concerns with the equipment at any point – immediately cease use and return to us for replacement or service.

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