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Chain Saw Safety

Know the equipment and the worksite before you operate. Always wear proper clothing and use personal protection equipment as required for the job. Remember: safe operation begins with the operator.

“Rent It Safely” brochures outline general safety precautions and recommendations for specific machines. Although these resources contain many valuable guidelines, the Operation and Maintenance Manual, Operator’s Handbook, Safety Manual and machine signs (decals) provide proper operation and maintenance instructions. Failure to follow warnings or instructions can cause serious injury or death.

Rent it Safely Chainsaw Safety Sheet pdf

pdf Chain Saw Safety Manual – Misuse may result in serious or fatal injuries. You must read, understand, and follow these safety instructions and the instructions in your Chain Saw Instructions Manual before operating a Chain Saw.

Download Chainsaw Instructions Manuals – Choose the model of your rental saw below for OEM Operator’s Manual.

pdf CS600P

pdf CS590

pdf CS500P

pdf CS450P

pdf CS355T

pdf CS330T

pdf PPT266

How to Select Your Chainsaw – Let this video help you in selecting the right chainsaw for your application.

Chainsaw Safety Gear – Learn about safe operating tactics and safety gear needed for chainsaw cutting with ECHO carving team’s Jason Emmons.

How to Adjust Chain Tension on a Chainsaw – ECHO chainsaw carving team’s Jason Emmons demonstrates how to adjust chain tension. Be sure to keep the chain saw properly tensioned at all times to ensure optimal cutting performance!

ECHO’s Dan Rosenberg shares tips and techniques for chainsaw safety and use. In this video he covers how to start a gas chainsaw (cold start and warm start), the proper stance while using a chainsaw, the proper safety equipment, and much more.



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