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Drain Cleaner Safety

Guide for choosing the right Drain Cleaning machine for the job – Download the PDF

It’s very important for operators to follow key safety features and instructions for any drain cleaning job, but safety concerns become even more prevalent when renting drain cleaning equipment. Most renters do not have a chance to become familiar enough with how the equipment operates. Operators should always read the operation and instructions manuals, and consider more qualified training.

Regardless if someone is properly trained and comfortable using the equipment, operators need to follow basic safety measures when cleaning drains and pipelines. Key safety factors include the following:

  • Ensure that electric drain cleaning machines have a properly functioning electrical cord with a built-in GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) and use only a three-wire extension cord that has a three-pronged, grounding-type plug.
  • Leather gloves should be used, not cloth or rubber, due to the risk of getting caught in the drain snake cable.
  • Wear safety glasses, and rubber-soled shoes or boots.
  • Keep loose fitting clothing away from rotation cable.
  • Make sure cutter tools are securely attached to the cable.
  • Do not turn the machine on until the cable is inserted a safe distance into the drain line.

Please contact us with any questions or needs you may have concerning your drain cleaning equipment. We want to help our customers and renters get in and out of drain cleaning jobs as fast and safely as possible.

Electric Eel Auto-Feed Condensed Operating Instructions – NOTE: These are condensed instructions and are not complete. For best results and safest operation, please refer to the complete operation and safety manual below before operating these machines.

General Safety Information

How-to-use an auto-feed drain cleaning machine – Instructional video

Machine Operating & Safety Instructions

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