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Rent A Wood Splitter and Get More Done

How much wood could a woodchuck split if a woodchuck could split wood?

According to a Cornell University study, although a woodchuck is not adept at moving timber, it is estimated that a woodchuck could chuck about 700 pounds – if wood filled the hole instead of dirt (Source).  Now, if it smart and rented our Split-Fire Wood Splitter it could be as productive as Jason Overbeck was during his weekend rental…

Double Your Productivity Over Other Rental Options

The 3255 was originally designed for the equipment rental industry.  Its rugged yet simple compact design makes it our most popular rental machine that helps property owners split their wood quickly, easily and safely.

Every wood splitter in our fleet splits on both the forward and reverse strokes, doubling their productivity compared to standard models that only split one way. That means renting a log splitter from Rentshop saves you both time and money over our competitor’s equipment options. Watch it in action below:

Our models feature a 24 inch stroke with a cycle time of 4 to 6 seconds.  Our units can split 20 inch diameter blocks to produce more than 50 face cords per day.  These made in Canada log splitters, manufactured by Split-Fire, allow users to split twice the amount of wood, in half the time and with much less physical effort.  Just ask Jason… he was so impressed that he sent us these pictures.  Then call us to reserve your unit for this weekend.

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